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Thursday28 July 2016

Welcome To Magnify!

All New Magnify Canada Editions Now Available!

Magnify makes Site Selection Quick, Easy and Economical

With Magnify's all new Canada Editions, Gadberry Group offers users more customization and configuration capabilities that will make location analysis even easier.

With Magnify’s powerful batch and online capabilities, users can quickly create accurate and precise location analyses, study areas, reports and detailed Google® maps. And, because Magnify is a cloud solution, there are no expensive, complex or IT intensive desktop software components to install or maintain.

With this new release, Magnify offers Canadian users an advanced multi-function batch workflow interface designed to automate and streamline location analysis processes like batch geocoding, multiple study area analysis and batch reporting. These batch processing enhancements allow for increased productivity when users need to analyze and identify locations, customers and markets with that have the greatest potential.

And even with greatly increased functionality Magnify remains one of the most affordable options on the market for location analysis and location intelligence.CA Study Areas of Montreal no Data Card

The added functionality available for Magnify 4 Canada Editions include

  • Batch geocoding - geocode all your locations directly from within Magnify
  • Batch study area creation - create study areas on many locations at once
  • Batch reporting - run reports on many locations at once
  • Output your work in a variety of formats - Excel, MapInfo (.TAB), Esri (.SHP)


More than Maps and Data

A critical part of making your work more efficient is the ability to get multiple things done at once.  With Magnify you can use the Workflow capability to build study areas on multiple locations, run demographics reports on those locations and geocode large files of point data – all at once and without slowing down performance.

Multi-site reporting and maps – now you can see multiple study areas while running geocoding workflows and reports on your sites – making your location analysis work far more efficient.

All New Magnify Features Available for both US and Canada!

New Robust Features make Magnify even more Powerful

US Geography Joiner The new Geography Joiner is a custom boundary tool that allows Magnify users to select multiple boundaries within a standard geography and join them to create a single custom study area. This means, for example, block groups can be joined with other block groups and ZIP code boundaries can be joined with other ZIP code boundaries. The boundaries do not have to be contiguous.








CA Enhanced Map Layering Example


Enhanced Map Visualization is an automatic reordering of layers that overlay street and label layers above filled study areas, or thematic shapes. Filled layers will appear beneath any non-filled layers such as streets, roads, highways and geographical boundaries.







"With Magnify I can process several things at once.  I started a 15,000 point site file while geocoding a large customer file and had no slow down.  I also really enjoy that you can leave the program and get notified when your process is complete.  The ability to easily geocode and batch process multiple sites at once is an incredible time saver."

- Lenne Prussiano, President, Lenneco

The Team Behind Magnify

Gadberry Group built Magnify originally to visualize the advanced data sets we’ve built for years for some of the nation’s largest retailers.  As our business and client needs have evolved we launched Magnify to provide a quick and affordable cloud-based solution for professionals concerned with analyzing locations in the Retail, Real Estate and Economic Development industries.  

Full Customer Support

Magnify has always enjoyed a client retention and renewal rate over 90% and Gadberry prides itself on listening to our customers, solving their problems quickly and improving our products and solutions based on customer feedback.  Magnify is a direct result of that approach.

As you look for faster and easier ways to get your location intelligence work done, Magnify will continue to launch more functionality to exceed your expectations.

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For users of AnySite software Magnify is a seamless way to transition to an updated, supported and innovative solution while keeping your costs manageable. 

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